Amity International School, Noida
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Senior Secondary School
Sector-44, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301
(0120) 4399000

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Tanisha Kapoor
Nov, 12 2018
4 year(s) ago
Amity International School, Noida has been graded 2stars by me because: 1. Rude behavior of teachers: the teachers in this school show very rude behavior to parents and children. When a child is suck and is not able to attend the exams or even the class tests, and a medical certificate is given to the school, the school rejects the request by parents and gives the child a zero in the test. This results in mental trauma to the child as his performance is affected. The school should take a little care for the children and understand their problems. 2. Offensive behavior of senior students: The senior students if the school show very rude behavior in the school. Bullying is a major issue. But the most serious problem is that the teachers have no control over these students. These students suppress the teachers and the school authorities based on money power. 3. Low quality of teaching: Although the level of studies in this school is high in junior classes, the quality of teaching is very low. In almost all the coaching classes in Noida, you will find students Amity International School, Noida, unable to get satisfied from their school's teaching. GOOD POINTS IN AMITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, NOIDA: This school doesn't have only bad points, it also had some advantages based on which I've rated it 2stars. These qualities are: 1. High level of teaching in junior classes: Amity has a higher level of teaching in junior classes. Tgus builds a strong foundation for the childrwn for their higher classes. 2. Large area of land: The school is situated on a large 15 hectares of land that has a big playground. This enables better sports facilities for the students

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