Apeejay School, Noida
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Senior Secondary School
Sector-16A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301
0120-2515141 , 0120-2515143
Website: www.apeejay.edu/noida/

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Nov, 12 2018
4 year(s) ago
Apeejay School,Noida is the worst school in the region. Earlier, it used to be an excellent school. But after the sad demise of its owner, Stya Paul, and with the establishment of her daughter over the school, the school has become the worst! With zero focus on children's education, this school is now only interested in fake advertising and claiming a huge amount of fees from the parents. The only mottoof this school is to fool parents in the name of education. My suggestion to the parents in noifa is to think of their children's future and avoid this pathetic place, if they want their children to become someone great in their life. When you ask doubts to the teachers as a student, you'll get scolded by them .they are solely instructed by the school to write the solutions of the exercises on black board, if a child asks them to explain a concept,the teachers say that they are not paid for explaining the concepts. They are paid only for writing the solutions. Has India become so diasble to rely on such type of schools for their children? Are we so blind to not see the unethical behavior of the school staff? Are we really blind that we do not see our children's future in grave danger? Believe me, no country in the world has such dangerous schools, then why do we? Nobody in other country gives their child's future in such unsafe hands, then WHY DO WE? I STRONGLY FEEL THAT IT IS NOW THE HIGH TIME FOR US TO REMOVE THESE TYPES OF SCHOOLS FROM INDIA AND SAVE THE FUTURE OF INDIAN KIDS!

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