St. Mary's Public School, South Delhi
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Senior Secondary School
532, Forest Lane, Sainik Farm, Neb Sarai, Block H, Neb Sarai, Sainik Farm, South Delhi, Delhi, 110068
(011) 29532211

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Feb, 13 2021
1 year(s) ago
I don't know how to describe my hatred for this school in few words. If there's someone I'm going to hate for the rest of my life, and won't regret hating more, it's the beloved principal of this school Daisy Thomas. . This woman lacks a thing called heart. She is self-indulgent, greedy, materialistic, cruel, scatterbrained, unlearned, arrogant, aggressive, opinionated, inflexible, close-minded, pretender and, probably does no good than harm by claiming a title in her name of "The worst leader ever". This entire school is money-minded including the principal, her husband, the cashiers, and many others. They take lakhs of donations upon admission in toddlers block, and when these kids grow up and go to Sainik Farm, they don't receive any good facility. These are their marketing tricks. An ideal school's aim should be to improve the education quality, especially at the senior secondary level. Rather it seems like their target is to make avalanches of money. They spent lakhs of money on the development of the junior school but not even a single rupee for the senior branch. For the first time in decades, the principal thought of bringing a science stream in school but seems like he forgot to bring new teachers. Just to save money, Thomas recruited the same old teachers for the science stream who used to teach science to 8th, 9th and10th standards only. Physics was allotted to a maths teacher who was a PGT in maths, not in physics. These teachers didn't know anything related to the science syllabus. All they told us was to mug up things. As a result, the students suffered a lot, in academics, that too in so crucial stages of life when one needs to decide for his/her future. In these two years, I suffered from depression and anxiety due to continuous low performance in academics.

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